Sea Glass Hunting in the Summer on Cape Cod

I'll be the first to admit it.  I definitely prefer to look for sea glass, when I'm the only person on the beach!!  

I've noticed that I'm going to the beach more frequently the last couple of weeks,  in preparation for having to share "my beaches" with the many summer visitors.

I have about one more week of solitude and then all bets are off!  I do truly LOVE having more people around (except when I'm looking for sea glass:))  The Cape seems to come alive and it helps the economy.

So, I'll enjoy my alone time for one more week, and then I'll welcome all the special things that summertime on the Cape brings...warmer and sunnier weather, lunch at the outside cafes, bike rides along the canal, swimming, maybe some outside yoga, and YES, sharing "my beaches" for a few weeks:))

Maybe I'll see you at one of them? Ha ha!!

Enjoy this wonderful time and I hope you get a chance to go outside andcape cod beach connect with nature:)


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