Sea Glass Jewelry Can Mean More...

Sea glass jewelry can mean more than the obvious sea glass necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings.

Sometimes, I'm fortunate enough to have you share some of the "back stories" with me!  I really love when you do, because it reaffirms for me that my sea glass jewelry designs CAN make a difference in someone's life.

Over the past few months, a few of these stories really touched me.  A bride to be messaged me after receiving a custom bracelet.  She mentioned that she was moved to tears upon opening her package.  She spent many summer months of her childhood at the beach, and her sea glass bracelet reminded her of many happy moments spent there.

Another story that really touched home for me personally, was a loving husband wanting to pick out a special piece of sea glass jewelry for his wife who had just completed her chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.  Like me, she had been able to find some solace when walking the beach and he felt that a gift of sea glass jewelry would be meaningful for her.  Together, we decided upon the perfect piece to celebrate a NEW chapter in her life.

Lastly, I received a custom order for 2 sea glass bangle type bracelets, which included a tag that said "I love you".  When I messaged the recipient to follow up and make sure the order was OK, she told me that the gift was for her 2 daughters who had been taking care of her sick husband, and he wanted to present the sea glass bracelets to them as a thank you...they cried when they received their gifts.

It fills my heart to know that sometimes, what I do can really touch someone in a more meaningful way!  Thanks for your support and sharing your stories with me!!

With so much love, 

Debsea foam blue sea glass bracelet


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