Solopreneur Confessions

In honor of Women's Equality Day on Sunday 26th, I thought I'd write about being a woman entrepreneur.

This wasn't my plan!  I'm shy by nature (until I get to know you) and feel much more comfortable in a follower role, rather than being in a "leading" role.

I started out as a nurse many (we won't discuss HOW MANY) years ago.  It was back in the days of foot and back rubs!  Honestly, back then I was so shy I would dread it when a Dr. wanted to ask me a question:((

Then, I  changed directions and went to school for physical therapy.  I loved the combination of helping people to feel better and get stronger through exercise.  I noticed the last year, that when I bent down to re-tie the patient's shoes, I had to push on something to help myself get up!!  My own knees were complaining:)

Now, I design jewelry made with sea glass, gemstones and other gifts from Nature.   As my jewelry making skills evolved, I decided to try my hand at selling the jewelry online. 

So, I sit here writing to you today as a solopreneur.   I envision the design, order supplies, organize supplies, create the jewelry, photograph it, upload it to the web store, print orders and package them, ship them, post on social media, respond to inquiries, etc... and I love every minute of it!!!!!

The main challenge of being a team of 1 is LACK OF TIME.  You soon realize that nothing will be "perfect" again.  You're constantly juggling your roles...Mom, wife, friend, business owner.  I've finally accepted the fact that I can only do the best I can.  I try to get the most important things done each day and be happy with that.

I've been truly blessed to have amazing and understanding customers!   For instance, I missed sending a newsletter this month.  My blog post is late.  I went away for a few days this past week and two people graciously accepted a later ship date.  

Thanks for sticking with me through this very busy summer!!  School starts in a week and I'm looking forward to having a bit more time to focus on creating beautiful designs for YOU:)

 shell with aqua sea glass


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