Spring Rituals

It may not look it or feel it in New England, but Spring has officially arrived!

I'm always happy with the arrival of Spring...Nature begins new cycles of plant and tree growth.  We begin to notice the chirping of birds outside.  The sky seems to be more blue and I'm always grateful to see more of the sun!

In my home, it's a time to do some deep cleaning, organizing rooms and donating anything not used in a while.

Springtime is also when baseball starts.  That means LOTS of LAUNDRY!!!!

Many yogis honor the arrival of Spring by moving through sun salutations or by reciting positive mantras.

My father used to start researching which plants he wanted to grow, and he always started a few vegetables inside, in pots.

If you've been stuck inside all winter, now is the time to start getting outside again:)  Interacting with Nature will boost your spirits!!

Of course, it's a fun time to search for sea glass.  You just never know what the wind will uncover!

It rained today and snow is in the forecast, but at least I know it won't last!!:)

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