We Deserve a World Without Breast Cancer

You're probably asking yourself "what does that have to do with sea glass jewelry?"  Well, glad you asked!  

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer myself, I've wanted to give back.  My first idea was to give every single woman waking up from a mastectomy, a piece of sea glass jewelry to let her know that people care and to keep hopeful.  

REALISTICALLY, that would be really hard to do. ( I do fantasize about becoming wildly successful and doing something like that though!  A more achievable goal is to donate a percentage of every sale to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  

At the Foundation, 91 cents from every dollar is used for research!  It funds more than 250 researchers around the world.:)

During the latter stages of my recovery, I'd walk along the beach.  Listening to the waves and looking for sea glass and other treasures, decreased my anxiety and increased my feelings of peace and well-being.  I began to worry less and became more hopeful.

 Designing jewelry with sea glass and beach combing along my favorite beaches, continues to bring me peace and keep me grounded to the Earth. #Let'sWin


It's my belief that getting outside and interacting with nature (however you choose to do that), truly does "soothe the soul".

So, ALL that being said, remember you're helping to make a difference when you purchase from Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry!

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