What's It Called When You Bend Over To Pick Up Sea Glass?

According to the tee shirts available for sale at the www.seaglassjournal.com, when you're bent over to pick up a piece of sea glass, it's called "the sea glass stoop"!!  That's the perfect term for it:)

If you haven't checked out the www.seaglassjournal.com, you really should!  It's an online site for people who love sea glass, and they submit photos of their best sea glass finds with background stories. 

Gary de Blois who describes himself a photographer, graphic designer, jewelry maker, and beachcomber is the editor at the Sea Glass Journal.  He provides insightful information about each persons sea glass submission. 

My girlfriend and I were beach combing  a few weeks ago, and I captured the perfect photo of her doing "the sea glass stoop"!  Check it out:))  

Happy beachcombing to you!!

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