Why Do You Wear and Buy Sea Glass Jewelry?

According to Yahoo, wearing jewelry goes back more than 40,000 years!  It was a means of showing someone's place in society.

A friend recently asked me to make a piece of sea glass jewelry with an inspirational charm.  I started thinking about all of the different reasons we wear jewelry!

Just quickly, I came up with:

  • to express our personalities
  • to feel beautiful
  • to be inspired/hopeful
  • to feel feminine
  • to woo/court (Valentine's Day or engagement ring)
  • to show affiliation with certain groups
  • **** or maybe you wear sea glass jewelry to connect to nature and nature's beautiful gifts???
  • religious reasons          

I'd really LOVE to know why you like sea glass jewelry!!!  If you have a second, share in the comments!  
thanks Eva for modeling! @evaacatherine, www.evacatherine.com



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Donna Palmer
Donna Palmer

September 08, 2016

Why do I love sea glass jewelry? I love the ocean and everything associated with it. Your jewelry is so pretty and I admire and love the colors of the sea glass, the shells, and other ornaments. So, perhaps you will chose me as a winner and make me ever so happy! Thanks for your giveaway! Donna Palmer

Stephen Bent
Stephen Bent

September 07, 2016

Greetings- combing the beaches of the cape looking for sea glass is one of my wife and mines true loves , once I found your website and saw your beautiful sea glass jewelry I bought several pieces for my wife and she just loves it, it’s her favorite jewelry to wear now thank you very much. Stephen Bent

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